Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Little Princess

The book I received for this round of
Literatura Infanil AB Round Robin on Alter-Native UK is Linda's A Little Princess.

I always remember my feelings when this little girl was sent to live in the attic and how she must have missed her father so much.
This is the feeling I tried to convey in this page.

In the end, thanks to the monkey, things work out well. Hence his appearance here.


Sue B said...

A lovely page Alis.

Micki said...

Your page is wonderful.

Carol said...

Very emotional piece it's wonderful.

Linda D. said...

Ooh I love what you've done! Thank you! I recall the same feelings as a child, of what it must have been like for her in that nasty cold attic.

Look forward to eventually seeing it for real :)

hugs, Linda.

Kari said...

That bit really upset me when I read it too, I really felt for her.

Your spread is so lovely!

Kari x