Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag! You're it!

I've been tagged to tell you 7 weird things about me. Thanks Susan - I think.
Well read weird as crazy, says the great Roger, and it's hard to stop at 7!
Cheeky devil - even if he is right.
So here goes:

1. I actually married Roger!
2. My family are weirder than me!
3. I have a mad dog and a crazy cat and I like it that way.
4. I like spiders and worms.
5. I talk to myself. This confuses others who think I may be talking to them.
6. I make up my own language - it's rubbish but I do it anyway.
7. I can watch the same film over and over thinking that this time the end could be different.

I'm supposed to tag someone else now but, you may all consider yourselves tagged and tell me (in the comments) one thing about you that is weird or crazy ;0)


maria said...

Ok Here Goes!! When I eat jam ring biscuits I nibble the biscuit off first then eat round the cream leaving the jamy bit for last. I then I have to go and wash my hands as they're all sticky!!

Alis said...

I love it! Yum.
Hugs, Alis

Papoosue said...

Great list Alis! I'm assuming that is you in the photo with the mad dog - don't you look lovely :)

My ideal holiday is NOT to go to a tropical island and lie on a beach!

Alis said...

Oh snap!
Hugs, Alis

Angelcat said...

Ok I just had to join in. I love to read novels but when I get halfway through a book I HAVE to read the last page. If I don't I know I won't read the rest of the book properly but will be skipping through it just to see how everything turns out!

Alis said...

LOL! That is just what Roger does.
Hugs, Alis

Susan said...

I just joined the Fiber Arts Friends blog ring. Is this from where the monthly challenge was issued? Is so, I had no idea. I was seriously taken with this idea about rust and tried it too. However, I never thought about commercially printed material. I really love what happened to yours. It adds so much. You likely have inspired me to have a go at the rust once again. Thanks!

Alis said...

Hi Susan,
It is the group where this challenge started. It is great fun. Thank you for your comments and I hope you have a play with rusty things. ;0)
Hugs, Alis