Saturday, May 12, 2007

Two birds with one stone.

The theme for the quiltie swap on Unlimited Textiles this month is "Layers"

I fancied doing something quite traditional for a change. As I have been working on some cream cushions in my patchwork class I thought it would be good to them in miniature. It was a little tricky resizing the pieces and the second one was easier to do.

We also have Stitch of the Month in Unlimited Textiles and this month it is Seed Stitch. I have incorporated it into the first quiltie so two jobs done in one!
I used rayon thread for the stitching and it has frayed a little in places. Unfortunately the more I tried to put it right the worse it went. In the end I decided to leave well alone.

The second has a piece of fabric I made tucked into the space to peep out. My actual cushion has 4 of these panels. I think this is my favourite one. I like it's simplicity.


MargaretR said...

This one at the bottom is fantastic and I'm wondering if they are 4 separate pieces or folded specially in some way?

Alis said...

The bottom one is 4 squares folded into triangles and placed over one another like you fasten a box. Sew round the edge to hold them all together. The edge of the flaps are folded back and zig zagged. you can straight stitch them or use fancy stitching or handstitching.
Hope all that makes sense.
Hugs, Alis