Monday, September 29, 2008

At Last

Well, after what has felt like an age, the lounge now has its bookcases and books in place.

We do have a couple more crates in storage but they are not filled with all books. We think we have two more shelves worth of books and as you can see there are two shelves waiting ;0)
All my craft books are safely ensconced in the studio.

It has been two long years since we had our books around us and all the music accessible and it feels really good.
We sat in the lounge last night exhausted but very happy.

You can see Fred, in the last picture, proudly modelling the new look and his favourite toy.


Dayna said...

Looks like a very comfortable spot to sit and read!

Sue B said...

Looks great Alis. I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading - that quilted butterfly from a couple of posts ago is fabulous!

Kari Gibson said...

Oh, what a lot of book space! Looks just perfect and I understand how frustrating it is not having things where you need them. I still have boxes of stuff (not books fortunately) stacked sky-high in my shed awaiting sorting when I get some shelves built.

I think I would feel quite at home in your living room, it looks so cosy now.

Kim said...

Looks lovely. I hate having 'stuff' in storage -- especially books!

Emmy said...

It is so great to have your books around you thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

Precious Quilts said...

You have a lovely, cosy home - all set for the long winter ahead! Fred looks very comfortable! I could just feel the warmth around me in that setting.

Thanks so much for sharing!