Saturday, September 20, 2008

Westward Ho!

The sun was shining - yes it was! - and Roger was off work so we decided to visit Westward Ho!
We had visited once before but so long ago we couldn't remember it. Westward Ho! is only 45 minuets drive away, so off we went.

Westward Ho! is named after the book by Charles Kingsley who lived in Bideford, just a few miles away. It is the only town in England to be named after a novel and the only town to have an exclamation mark in it's name.
The town itself is only small but has lots of shops to nose around in and two lovely bakers shops - yum!
The beach is golden sand with the sea perfect for surfing and a pebble ridge to protect the town. This ridge is natural and is about 2 miles long, 50 feet wide and 20 feet high.
Why I didn't take a photo of it? Silly really but we walked the other way!
Here is a photo of the ridge - I wish I had taken this one. You can see where we walked on the photo above opposite the ridge. There are some fine apartments along the coast with fabulous views of the sea and beach. We bought a lottery ticket when we got home so hopefully we will be able to afford one of them next week ;0)
We had fabulous "Doorstop" sandwiches in one of the tea shops called Tea on the Green and Fred was brought a lovely bowl of refreshing water. We sat and watched the world go by, a great way to wind off a lovely walk.
We will definitely visit again.


Kari Gibson said...

That looks lovely - lucky you!

Hang on a sec! The sun was shining? Really? Gawsh, I must have blinked and missed it, LOL.

On a Whimsey said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day! Beautiful photographs to remember the sun when it shone this year! Thank you for sharing a treasured moment.

Papoosue said...

That really does look lovely. i love the contrast of the fine sand and the rough crest of stone.

AltheaP said...

What a lovely trip! On a beautiful day! I love the idea of an exclamation mark in a town name, can you tell?!

Linda D. said...

Mmm, great memories for me, my dad loved all that coast. Nice to see it again, even if only via your lovely photos :)
hugs, Linda.

H.D. Campbell said...

nice pictures! and your blog is great,i love the colours you use in your work..