Friday, October 27, 2006

Arty Meme

OK Laura and Maz have inspired me to have a go at this.

The first five people to respond to this via the comments will receive a piece of artwork from me. It will be original and a surprise.
The catch?
If you respond you have to post this to your blog too and continue sharing the art.


Kim said...

This is an interesting game of tag-you're-it! I saw this first on Laura's ( blog. I hope this doesn't mean I have to post twice!

Alis said...

I hope not too as I signed up at Laura's and Maz's ;0)
YOu are on my list.
Hugs, Alis.

crafty said...

am gonna participate in this one as I think it's a gr8 to post this on my Italian blog see If I get any offers????
ciao joan in italy

Alis said...

Yippee Joan! Glad you are playing too.
Hugs, Alis

Jill said...

woohoo, got in delighted am I lol

Alis said...

I'm delighted too.
hugs, Alis

artfulzebra said...

Ooh, could it be that I can slip in at number five??

Maz x

Alis said...

Number 4 Maz - 1 place left.
Thanks for playing.
Hugs, Alis

Maureen said...

Can I play too?

Alis said...

Yippee! That is 5 of you. Will work hard to make you all something nice.
Hugs, Alis

Maureen said...

Thanks, Alis!

Joan said...

thanx for your comments and like wise my dear. look forward to this arty meme thingmejig
joan in italy