Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So teeny tiny!

I signed up for a swap.

Yes, I know this is nothing new but this was to do 1 inch square collages.
Always - well nearly always - up for a challenge and to have a go at something new I said I would join in.
After all I love to decorate dominoes so how hard could it be?

Oh boy, this was hard.
When I decorate dominoes it is usually with ink, paint and stamps but this was collage.
Started out OK. Did the collage backgrounds and was very happy until I cut them to the squares.
Had to go and read the instructions again.
Had I got the size right? The squares were soooooo teeny tiny. I had to have it wrong. But no!
I actually thought of leaving the squares as they were but I thought that was maybe a cheat and a cop out. What images to use?
Well as many of you know I have a passion for vintage nudes and I just happened to have a few rather small pics. So voila, here you have a teeny tiny vintage nude gallery.

Did I enjoy the challenge?
Well this has been the most challenging thing I have done for a while so yes I did enjoy it in a way.
Am I hooked as so many seem to be on these wonderful tiny canvases?
No fear! I take my hat off to the intrepid artists who love this but goodness I would, at the very least, have a new pair of glasses.


Linda said...

Lol! I go with the new pair of glasses needed too!!!
I adore these, wonderful minis, hope I get some of yours in the swap. I'm still hoping to make another 5, but like you, I'm not addicted - far too tiny for me ;0

Lara Lorelei said...

Beautiful minis Alis, I need to get my skates on... considering I started this I'm lagging behind!

Helen in the UK said...

Love these little cards - 1" is sooo tiny. Congrats on completing a difficult challenge well :)

Alis said...

Thanks everyone.
It was a challenge and I'm glad I had a go ;0)
Hugs, Alis

maria said...

These are wonderful - I hope I get one of yours
Luv Maria xx