Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Textile Tuesday

I've been working on catching up on my Textile Tuesday pieces.

The first is Abstract.
It now being, almost, winter and very wet here in North Devon the river has reappeared on Newberry Beach. It runs under the beach in summer but each winter pushes its way through the pebbles and flows across the beach.
On its way it makes little whirlpools as it flows round the bigger rocks - fascinating.

The second is Lucky.
The arch is how I see my life at the moment. We have to step through that archway into the unknown.
We have done it before but hopefully this time it will be a very lucky arch for us.


sue b said...

great colors in both of these and that arch piece is beautiful!

Come and join my new Fiber Art Friends ring! We'd love to have you as a member.

Alis said...

Oh thank you Sue! I'd be honoured.

So glad you like that arch.

Hugs, Alis

Abbie said...

Oh! they are gorgeous! Love the saturation of color!
:) Abbie

Jill said...

oooh I really love the blue, river piece...very beautiful it is. The arch too is fabulous and very symbolic..lovely :)

windyangel said...

Both pieces are gorgeous. I love the blues of the first and the symbolism of the second.

Alis said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed making these pieces and I'm glad it shows.
Hugs, Alis