Sunday, October 22, 2006

New Bag

Well here is the latest addition to my bags. This is my favourite so far and that is as it should be don't you think? I always think you should like your current work the best, doesn't always happen though.

This is some more of the fabric that I painted a few weeks ago. It's nearly all gone now so the paints and dyes will be coming out again this week.
I was given the lovely little dragonfly charms and they just set off the top boarders perfectly.

I had great fun making the cord too. This is only the 4th cord I have made this way - zig zagged on my machine over fibres - and I love it. It is great the way the look can be changed using different sewing threads. I really have to get some metallic threads though as I'm sure that they would add a "zing" factor.

So this lovely little bag is now in my Etsy Shop. I would be sorry to see it go, but then things have to leave the nest and fly away sometimes!!


sue b said...

Beautiful! I love the shape of these bags. And those cord are the perfect touch for them.

Kim said...

The bag is lovely, nice shape. I like the cord - it looks nice and long. This weekend I saw a 1930's film where a woman carried a small shoulder bag that hung around her knees.

Alis said...

Thank you Sue, your comments mean such a lot as I admire your work so much.
Hugs, Alis

Alis said...

Thanks Kim.
Glad you like it. The cord is not quite that long but then I am quite tall!!
Would have loved to see that bag.
Hugs, Alis

Dianne said...

Your bags are gorgeous! I love the shape of them