Monday, February 09, 2009

Abstract and Pink and Orange

The "lottery" challenge this month at Textile Challenges is for a Colour Combinations ATC. I drew Pink and Orange.
The quiltie theme at Unlimited Textiles is Abstract.
Hmm, I thought these would work so well together.

The result: Abstract in Pink and Orange ATC and Abstract in Pink and Orange Quiltie.
The background is a piece of cerise cotton with a pattern in the same colour but deeper shade. I stitched other fabrics to the base with zig zag stitch in orange thread. All the pieced fabrics are hand painted pieces from some of my favourite projects. One or two of my favourite commercial fabrics sneaked in too!

Wot no beads!!!
That is right. For once I think beads would have been overkill. Well I think so, hmm maybe just..... NO not this time ;0)


Carol said...

Hi Alis. Thanks for your comment. I see you have done yours too. It is very satisfying to use up those little treasured bits. I hate throwing anything away. Atleast you had plenty in the right colours. they work well.

Genie said...

Quilt and ATC have worked well, love the colours

StegArt said...

Oooo, my favorite color combo. Love these!

On a Whimsey said...

Just plain delicious!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love all your work, Alis, but I'm really drawn to your abstracts.

I'm sure you will know this link for some vintage ladies: