Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Snow here too!

Well I know every Britt is doing this, but we really don't get this much snow usually and at the sea side it is virtually unknown. Yes we do get snow in Ilfracombe but not much.

Living in a deep valley we get used to waiting at the top, or bottom, of one of the hills for an hour or so for the snows to go away then life goes on as usual.
But not today.
Actually at 6am this morning there was no snow at all. Then at about 6.30am it started. We had what could only be called blizzards and the poor souls who were already on the way to work started to get stuck and slip down the hills.

We are half way up on of the hills. There was not a way that anyone could get out.
Everyone was out in the street trying to move the cars but then gave up and joined the children in snow ball fights. It was like a street party.
The sun did eventually appear and the snow stop but, at 11.30am the night shift at the factory on top of the hill, in the photo above, were still stuck there and the day shift unable to get up the hill.
Oh what fun!!!
This unusual weather has been enjoyed though and it was lovely to see so many people out on the Torrs with makeshift sledges. They were still slipping and sliding at 1.30pm.

So I hope the rest of the world forgives the Britts for appearing silly and soft over a bit of snow that would not stop the rest of you getting about. We will all be back at work and school tomorrow and we will all have lots of wonderful tales to tell each other and for quite a while I suspect ;0)

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