Monday, February 23, 2009

Flutterby butterfly!

The project at Patchwork class this time is "Appliqué".

We meet once a month and this project is to take 3 classes. Normally I would find out all I can on our subject and do several pieces. This, however has resulted in quite a few UFO's (really must do something with them).
I decided I would change tack and work on one item and give it my full attention.

I thought I would make a butterfly. I wasn't sure what it would be but I thought I could used some of my favourite scraps for it.

Maggie, our teacher reminded me that I do quite a lot of appliqué when doing art quilts, something I hadn't really realised, so what about doing reverse appliqué?
So the first class was all about making patterns for my shapes, cutting them from the background fabric and placing the scraps in place, securing them with Bondaweb.
After that I satin stitched all the motifs.

This time I outlined the butterfly and free quilted the background. I did shadow quilting on the inside of the butterfly to create a contrast.
I have beaded the butterfly's antennae and round the body.
I can't decide if I should bead around the wings, maybe I will.
What do you think?

Next time I will finish my piece.
I have decided to make a soft wall hanging. This panel is approx 12inches square so will be a good size hanging when finished.


StegArt said...

Fabulous butterfly!!!! Love the colors.

Vicki W said...

I love it!!

On a Whimsey said...

Well, I have to LOVE the butterfly don't I? Seriously, it is lovely and very cleverly done to very good effect.

Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful Alis. I like the way you have stitched the background to let the buterfly 'pop' out.

Homeleightigger said...

Beautiful butterfly Alis - love all the quilting too. About beading the outline - maybe beads might be a bit heavy - how about couching a thickish thread around maybe with a gold thread? Val

JannArt said...

Hi Ali,

It is fabulous. I love it. Personally I think you should leave it as it is. It will make a lovely hanging.

Genie said...

Lovely Flutterby