Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Cushions - At last!

You would think after nearly 3 years of patchwork classes once a month I would have more than 3 nice table mats, one great bag for my cutting board and rulers and one rather dodgy table runner that doesn't fit any of my tables.

Well at last I have!
I now have 5 very nice cushions in my lounge. I was a little unsure of the calico ones as they came out a little small but, put next to my "Drunken Path" cushions I think they look fine.

And on my big comfy chair a woven wave of a cushion to match the colour scheme.

I have 3 more cushions, one bag and a rather large star table cloth to finish so watch this space as I seem to be working well this year ;0)


Margarita Korioth said...

Beautiful cushions Alis!

Margarita Korioth said...
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Papoosue said...

Oh you have been busy Alis, lovely cushions - I particularly like the calico ones. I can't wait to see what you do next ;-) xx

Jill said...

They are lovely Alis - soooo neat - I am hopeless at neat and following patterns, I do admire anyone who can and does and these look wonderful :)
Personally I would like to see the dodgy table runner that doesn't fit anywhere, already feels like a friend ;o)
Jill x
apologies if this repeats itself, blogger was playing games with me.

Emmy said...

wonderful you have been busy

Kim said...

Wonderful cushions - I really like the white ones!

Linda D. said...

Oh these are lovely, the classes have obviously paid off!!! Great work, Alis.