Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Sitting here feeling sorry for myself - bad week, long story - when the post came and in it was an Everyday Book that Skippy had sent on to me.
In it she asked about the beach.

So..... hitched up the dog and went to have a look.
Amazing what a little walk can do.

Neither I or the dog could get down the slope today.
Actually that's not true. We could have got down but not back up!!

So we just sat a looked down, watched the sea and listened to the birds.
Well I listened, the dog is deaf - goodness what a pair we are.

Anyway, thank you Skippy for making me feel much better ;0)


Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry you weren't feeling good. I hope the ATCs are coming in and cheering you up.

Skippy said...

Ooooh how nice is that?! (not that you're having a nice time, that the beach made you feel better) I'm glad that my suggestion was put to good use - it looks fab:o)
Skippy xx