Sunday, June 18, 2006


My friend and part-time neighbour was here this weekend. She came for a rest.
Did she get one? Not a chance of that.

The garden whilst beautiful was looking overgrown. In fact I wish I had thought to take before photos.
Well you couldn't see this wall for a start and although the way was clear on Monday, after the rain on Wednesday you couldn't get up the steps properly for the undergrowth.

Now as you can see it isn't a very big garden so.........

 did we manage to generate 9 bags of rubbish?

Whatever the amount of rubbish, we had a lovely time working together to make our garden a great place to sit again.
We were supplied with coffee throughout the day by my hubby Roger and Cath's daughter Chrissy - thanks guys.

We didn't do all of it by the way.
Chrissy got down on her hands and knees to clear the weeds from between the paving stones.
Sometimes being older has it's advantages and we can let the younger generation have some of the fun too!


Laura P. said...

WOW! Want to come home and see it now. Glad I wasn't there for all the work though :P

Alis said...

Hi Honey!!
Come home, you are missed.

Cath said...

Feeling homesick!!Really enjoyed the day!! Looking forward to seeing you, Roger, Mitzi and Sid and the garden in 2 weeks. Then I suppose we can start filling up those bin bags again!!

Alis said...

Well with the combination of sun and rain we have been having, you better bring lots of bags!!! We will need them ;0)