Saturday, June 17, 2006

We do this for fun!

Went dancing last night.
No not clubbing. Did that a long time ago, not any longer.

We are learning to dance "properly" you know Ballroom and Latin.
Mind you there is nothing "proper" about the way we dance. We are either giggling or arguing. Roger stood on my toe and I disrupted the class with my squeals - must remember to wear steel toe caps.
Anyway, I think I nearly broke his arm in a spin during the Cha Cha.

Our Square Tango is going well though and we are getting there in the Cha Cha but the Waltz! Well that's anothter story altogether.
Can't imagine why they try to teach you that one first. We loose all sense of direction and when we get to a corner, well you just may as well forget it.
I suppose we will get there in the end but where is anybody's guess.

We limped out completly exhausted saying "yes of course we will see you next week", thinking "no way!".
But we will be there next week. After all we are doing this for FUN.

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Kari said...

Ha-ha sounds such a laugh! I remember me and my ex trying this (about 15 years ago) and it nearly ended in a divorce way back then, LOL!

Great blog, Alis - now all we need are more PICTURES!!

Kari x