Thursday, June 15, 2006


OMG! I've been ironing. Yes proper ironing not just the crafty sort.
As part of my self esteem building I decided that I wouldn't wear anything that didn't make me feel good. Well that cut down the choice in my wardrobe I can tell you.

So when Roger had left this morning and I went to get dressed could I find anything to wear?
Now to wear nothing would be liberating but it would disturb the animals that share my house. What to do?
Well I had to get out the iron and use it to make my clothes ready to wear.

Wearing them will have to wait however as the shock is just too much for me and I must go and lie down!!


Elizabeth said...

I'd be just the same. I used to enjoy ironing, and was proud of it (how sick) until I started doing some for an elderly friend whereupon I stopped doing it for me and the family! Hope your self esteem is good, I'm just doing your atc (well, I'm not, I'm checking the mail, but the gesso is drying in the kitchen). I'm not sure my artistic self esteem is very high.

Congrats on winning.

Alis said...

You know, I have a hubby that likes to iron! Am I lucky or what?!

Your artistic esteem should be high, I love your work and am really excited at getting one of your ATC's

Hugs, Alis

Elizabeth said...

It's feeling high today as I made masses of pages using distres inks for the techniques zine. But I've gone and bought more inks on eBay now!!