Saturday, March 24, 2007

Egytian Influence

These little quilts have an Egyptian theme. They include stamped images on fabric.

The first one has the image printed on cotton and sewn to the background.

The second has an image that is a gel transfer to fabric.
I have never been good at this on paper and could never understand why people raved about the technique. Well when I saw we were going to do this to fabric I laughed.
But Lenna's approach was so easy to understand. I followed her instructions to the letter with great success.

So now I am raving about gel transfers too!


Lara Lorelei said...

What lovely little quilts. The paper techniques have translated beautifully onto the fabric. I think I might investigate these courses- this one looks like fun.

Claire xx

Kari said...

These look fabulous. I remember using something called Image On or something like that onto fabric, but I will have a little experiment with my favourite transfer methods onto fabric now.

I love what you have done here, sounds like a great class.

kari x