Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nearly finished!

I struggled with these first two quilts. I'm happier now they are finished but they are not my favourites.

It may have been the fabric I chose to use. In fact I'm sure it was. It is a great piece but really stands alone, I didn't make it better ;0(
But I did learn to do a rolled edge and that was the aim of the lesson.

So long since I did blanket stitch. It was a good exercise and made me realise I should do a little more hand stitching.
Not always easy with these silly hands but a little more would be good.

I liked this third quilt I want to show you.
I said liked!
Fred (the dog) liked it too.
Actually it was the leather he liked. He thought it tasted very good!
He did look so pathetic when he realised what he had done though.
Funnily enough the quilt was not damaged, neither was the image. He had very carefully pulled off the leather then the image from that.
I have been able to put the image onto another piece of leather but the gems remain missing and Fred and I know it isn't quite the same!


StegArt said...

The story about Fred is too funny! I like the top one best!

Papoosue said...

I keep trying to leave a message here! Your mini quilts are lovely - I love them all. All your other work is just great too! Saying Hello from Scotland.


Micki said...

They are great Alis. And you know Fred didn't mean to do it. ;-)

MargaretR said...

You like the bottom one, terri loves the top one, but believe it or not my favourite is the middle one. I just love these colours. the pattern and the edges.