Friday, March 30, 2007

The end is in sight!

First I would like to say thank you for all the lovely comments you leave here. I really appreciate you calling in and looking at my work.
I find it so interesting to see that many times you prefer the things I think I have got wrong ;0)
So thank you again and I hope you keep calling. It is like having you round for coffee!

Well we get the last of Lenna's lessons today and will learn different ways to make our mini quilts into a book.

These are my last two quilts for this book.
With all the lovely sunshine we have had this week they have a decidedly sunny and beachy feel.

The pattern on the first mini quilt looked so like a row of beach huts I just had to sit my lady outside them sunning herself.
The other lady is sat with her feet in the sea happy with her fishing day.

The top image is a gel transfer to fabric and the second image is printed on cotton.
I have learnt so much in this Mini Quilts class.


Linda D. said...

Wow!!! Having been away, it was oohs and ahs as I scrolled through your mini quilts this morning. Wonderful pieces. I adore those colours, the details are incredible and your techniques are fantastic.
Glad I made it back in time to see them all. Great work.

Sue B said...

beautiful! Love the colors in this one too. The little fish is a nice touch :)

Dianne said...

These 2 are great!! I love the beach theme.

Purple Missus said...

These are really good, especially the bottom one. Love the colours.

StegArt said...

Two more great pages. Lovely colors. Your fabric book will be great!

Micki said...

More lovely pages. You are going to have a great book.

maria said...

Hi Alis, These are wonderful- I think I would like to do something like these