Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm a lucky girl!

This is the gorgeous padfolio that Margaret my swap partner on FAF sent for me.

The pictures do not do it justice.
It is made from the most beautiful velvet dyed in every shade of purple and pink. My favourite colours. It has such a rich an luxurious texture - very, very strokeable.

There is a lovely detail on the top right hand side.
The whole feel of this piece is lush and I will feel very special using it.

Thank you so much Margaret.


MargaretR said...

You are very welcome Alis. I will always treasure yours too, both DiL fancy it, but they are not having it.
The photos you took of the padfolio are great. Thanks

Sue B said...

oooh yummy! You are one lucky lady to have received that!

Carol said...

Colours are just lovely, lucky you.

Micki said...

It is very lovely.

StegArt said...

You are a lucky one. It has great color and texture and I'll just bet it feels wonderful.

Dianne said...

Oh, it looks so luscious - it's gorgeous!!