Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feeling the needle!

I've been watching with envious eyes the wonderful creations made using the embellisher machines. I just love the textures created.

As there is no way that I can have one of the machines for the foreseeable future I invested instead in a Clover needle felting kit.

What fun!
Just great to get fibres and fabric and punch with the needles and watch the fabric take shape.

When I first started to cross stitch years ago I got such a kick of starting with a blank piece of fabric and putting a design on to it. I got the same kick with needle felting only better.

I made several pieces but liked this one the best. It made these two ATC's.


StegArt said...

Beautiful! Sounds like you've found a great alternative at less cost.

Angelcat said...

Your felted piece looks wonderful. Where did you get the clover kit from. I too want an embellisher after seeing everyone's amazing work but just can't afford one at the moment.

MargaretR said...

You have had a great result without the expensive machine Alis.

Alis said...

Thanks for your comments ;0) I had such fun.
I got the needle felting tool and mat from Rainbow Silks

I bought the small mat and unless you are doing very large pieces I think this is fine as you just move your fabric around.

Hugs, Alis

Micki said...

They look really great. Nice and bright colors.

Dianne said...

Great colours Alis!! Lovely and bright and lots of different textures.

Jill said...

How gorgeous - colour and texture - so alive :)

Linda D. said...

Fantastically vibrant, and I bet they feel wonderful too.

May have a go myself, will check out rainbow silks in a bit... you've inspired me!

hugs, Linda.

Kari said...

These are lovely - I have only ever felted the wet, sudsy way and cannot afford one of the machines either. This sounds like a great alternative.

These ATCs are superb!


Jill said...

Well, what more can be said about your felted ATC's! I really like them, again, its a colour thing! I just love all colours too and can never decide which really is my favourite!
Jill K